Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doing our part...Protecting the Earth!

This would be a great integration into this unit! What can students do in regards to conservation, being water wise and leaving a smaller footprint on our planet! There are several great resources out there. A few of my favorites are the following:

1) Conservation techniques: drought resistant plants, recycling, compost at your home, drip irrigation, using local products, etc.

2) Water wise: low pressure facets and shower heads, drip irrigation, aware of water consumption

3) Prefabricated houses

4) What is your footprint?


  1. Wow! The Fullerton Arboretum never looked that interesting. The pictures with the explanations are great because it lets me know a bit about the arboretum.

    My favorite part is about protecting our earth. I like how the different things you can do to help our earth are animated, it catches my attention. Great Job.

  2. Monika,
    Excellent work on your blog. The photos are fantastic! I am glad that you enjoyed your fieldtrip.
    Dr. G